Friday, June 18, 2010

Best Herbal Culinary

These little bites won the Best Masking of Meat award. That tapenade's chock-full of anchovies!

Shrimp soup Peruvian style!
Hope you are ready to taste a mouth watering dish served in Peru. Chupe de camarones or shrimp chowder, is a hearty meal in a bowl with a combination of spices and seafood.

Vitamin rich chickweed can be steamed or cooked as an ingredient in soups, but probably the most popular culinary use is simply as an addition to green salads. Harvest the plants when they are lush, green, and full, including the tender stems, buds, and flowers, right along with the leaves, as they’re all edible.

Chickweed is reputed to have many medicinal properties and is often recommended as a weight-loss aid and for skin irritations. In addition to using the fresh leaves, it can also be dried for use in making herbal teas. The plant is sold in capsules and tinctures, and used in formulas for poultices and ointments.

Even if you choose to continue to treat chickweed as nothing more than a common weed at least familiarize yourself with its appearance and add it to your collection of edible weeds such as nettles, plantain, and dandelion that you can easily find and identify.

Scientific Name: Petroselinum crispumDescription:
Hardy biennial.
Full sun/ partial shade
Culinary Uses:
Most popular culinary herb
Sauces, soups and salad, garnish
Parts Used:
Leaves and stalks
Medicinal Uses. It is said that:
Multi-vitamin – A, B, C, iron and minerals
Anti-inflammatory – reduces allergic responses and act as an anti-oxidant
Help rheumatism
Carminative, breath freshener – chew a leaf
Antiseptic, diuretic action and cleanser – kidney, kidney stones, jaundice, bladder and urinary tract infection
Parsley juice – soothes conjunctivitis and eye inflammation
Female corrective – has oestrogenic factors – normalize menstruation and help menopause

Parsley is one of the most popular culinary herbs. It is a flavorful ingredient in savory dishes and also helps to create an attractive presentation for your table. Available in a number of varieties from double-curly leaf to flat leaf, most parsley types need similar conditions in which to thrive. Growing parsley indoors presents some challenges that don't occur went planting this herb in the garden, but it can still be very successfully grown as an indoor plant if a few important conditions are m

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