Saturday, June 26, 2010

special brazilian cuisine

brazilian cuisine goes all the way back to the keeping of slaves. Feijoada, the national dish, has it’s outspring from this period of brasilian ethnic food culture. (Feijoada is served in many occations, also among the brazilian Christmas foods) The rich white people ate the best meat and gave the leftover to the slaves.
Pig ears and other bodyparts were cooked together with black beans to use every part of nutrition, and served with plain rice. Today, the dish is considered a symbol of Brazilian independence and quite good I might add! I have to admit that the first time I tried this and found a pig’s ear in the greavy, I was lightly disturbed. But I figured ‘It won’t kill me’ so I had a taste and flushed with some caipirinha, one of the drinks made with cashasa brazilian. Since then it has been one of my favourite Brasilian dishes.
Today, there are many Copacabana brazilian restaurants which should be tried out! One of my friends in Rio de Janeiro made a list over good places to buy brazilian food on Copacabana, thanks allot Mi!

Brazil Churrascaria is one such restaurant in Singapore that strives to exude that same energy and successfully retained its unique character gracefully over the past 11 years.

From the abundance of original Brazilian oil paintings that accessorizes the cheery yellow walls to the bright yellow plates on the table, this restaurant sure emanates strong hints of the characteristic Brazilian vibrancy. Meat lovers will do well to savour the 15 different cuts of meat and indulge in the large circular salad bar that serves up traditional dishes like the feijoada and hearts of Palm. Casual yet lively, get set to embark on a unique dining experience of tantalizing Brazilian fare in the heart of Sixth Avenue.

The Meats

Served steaming hot from the grill by the friendly Brazilian Passadors, each of the 15 cuts of meat was skillfully carved onto our plates still dripping with its natural juices. With a selection of meats like the familiar pork sausage and ham, lamb and ribs, there were also more unusual cuts of the beef hump and topside, as well as grilled chicken hearts.


fabulous Brazilian cuisine...All our recipes have been put to the test here in the U.S. Many were also the subject of stories published in the Food Section of The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and other American papers. The Hearts of Palm Salad and the Onion Salad recipes were published in Steven Raichlen's "High-Flavor, Low-Fat Cooking." A couple of recipes were given to us by the Brazilian Embassy chef in Washington, D.C. and others came from our readers and renowned chef Yara Roberts from Paraty.

Lonely Planet has been recommending Maria's Cookbook for years on their travel guides! Our feijoada recipe has been featured in National Geographic Traveler this glory or what?? Both the feijoada and the caipirinha recipe were also on the 2005 Peace Corps online calendar!

Brazilianesque black bean salad

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