Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Grocery List

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When you “fly by the seat of your pants”, you are likely to gravitate towards the same-old, same-old foods you always make. Creating a meal plan encourages diversity in your diet. When you get more diversity in your diet, you enjoy a broader spectrum of beneficial nutrients. This is really important considering 97% of us don’t get the basic requirements for nutrients set by the USDA! When you don’t have a grocery list, all kinds of unhealthy foods seem to make their way into your cart. Cookies, mini-cakes, toaster pastries, chips. These aren’t foods – they’re junk. And not only are they draining your wallet, they’re draining your health too. Having a list and sticking to it increases the likelihood you’ll bring healthier foods home, helping you and your family to achieve or maintain a healthy weight and ward off illness.
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