Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GEDANG MEKUAH (Green Papaya Soup with Seafood) - The Food of Bali Recipe

Unripe papayas are often used as a vegetable in Bali. If these are not available, you can use summer squash or Chinese winter melon.

1 unripe papaya, weighing roughly 750 gr (1½ lb)
1 cup spice paste for seafood
1 liter chicken stock
¼ liter coconut milk
2 salam leaves
1 stalk lemon grass, bruised
¼ tsp powdered black pepper
100 gr shrimps, clams, and mussels
100 gr diced firm fish
1 tsp salt
Fried shallots to garnish

1. Heat stock, add seafood, marinade and bring to boil. Simmer 2 minutes
2. Add salam leaves, lemongrass and papaya, simmer gently until the papaya is 95% tender. Add coconut milk and seafood and continue to simmer (do not boil) until papaya and seafood is tender.
3. If the stock reduces too much, add more stock
4. Season to taste with pepper and salt and garnish with fried shallots.

Note: If you wish to prepare a lighter version of this soup then leave coconut milk and seafood out.

source : http://www.baliguide.com

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