Saturday, June 26, 2010

The object of the exercise

When we set up Merton Parents for Better Food in School we knew we had so set out some clear objectives. These are the ones we came up with:

1) To ensure that Merton Council develops a robust process to manage change in the provision of Secondary School meals, such that each school puts in place a plan by which they will achieve the overall aim.
2) Only good quality ingredients are used in school meals.
3) All cooking and food preparation is done on site.
4) Eating lunch is a pleasant experience for students.
5) The school lunch becomes an integral part of the education offered by the school.
6) The Council sets up an effective system for monitoring school dinners to ensure that the standards above are met and continue to be met.
7) To agree a target date by which all of the above will be achieved with clear, specific and measurable milestones.

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