Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rice Cooker Chicken

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice Cooking Steps

Should you wish to prepare Claypot chicken rice at home, it could be easy to done with a electronic rice cooker. In order to enhance the fragrance, you can add the Hua Diao Jiu (Chinese Wine) or salted fish.

Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

Rice Cooker Chicken

1 Spring Chicken
Generous amounts of green onions, ginger and shallots
A dash of 5 spices
A dash of Pepper and salt
A bit of Sesame Oil
Shaoxing cooking wine

Mince some ginger finely. Mix the 5 spices, pepper, minced ginger and salt together.
Apply this mixture as a dry rub on the chicken thoroughly. Then set it aside for 30 minutes.
Chop some green onions and ginger into rough strips. Then stuff them into the belly of the chicken.
Chop some green onions, ginger and dried shallots into coarse chunks and add them to the bottom of your rice cooker. Then place the chicken into the cooker.
Put the lid on and cook the chicken for 20 minutes.
Open the lid and add some Shaoxing cooking wine. Put the lid back on and start the cooker again.
Turn the cooker off when the aroma of the wine starts to emanate from the cooker, leave the lid on for a few more minutes.
Then soak the chicken in ice water for a while.
Remove the chicken from the water, sprinkle some sesame oil on it, and slice the chicken before serving..

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