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What does it mean when a recipe says you need ';oven dried bread';?

I am making Good Old Country Stuffing for thanksgiving but the recipe calls for ';oven dried bread';.

Here is the link for the recipe.


thanks for your help.What does it mean when a recipe says you need ';oven dried bread';?
It is just regular slices of bread that has been put in the oven on about 325' until it is no longer soft ..you can get the same results in a regular toaster.What does it mean when a recipe says you need ';oven dried bread';?
It just means dried or day old bread. We always let the bread lay out the night before. It stands up so much better in a stuffing than just regular loaf bread. So, you can dry it or toast it lightly in an oven for a few minutes. That will work too.
you can cube bread the day before and let it sit out to dry, or you can cube it, spread it over a cookie sheet and toast it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes on low heat ( about 250 conventional) or until it feels dry . If this is a stuffing or bread pudding recipe, this is the method I use.
Cut your bread into cubes and dry at low heat (250) in the oven.
It means you put bread in a warm oven to dry it out.

There are also acceptable alternates that I have used.

Methods you can choose from:

1) set oven to 200 and put bread out on a cookie sheet in oven. Check regularly. Turn over when top is obviously dried out, but bottom is still moist. WATCH CAREFULLY so you don't overheat. Cube or tear when you remove from oven.

2) set oven to 250. When warm, turn oven off. While oven is warming to temp, tear or cut bread into cubes. Place on cookie sheet and place in oven just before you turn oven off.

3) toast bread in toaster and tear into chunks.

Any one of these methods with give you dry bread that will work great in your recipe. The point of drying the bread is so it will absorb the liquids in the recipe more readily, as well as their flavors to make a more flavorful recipe.
it just means that you take bread and put it in the oven at 200 degrees and let it dry out. Its just a faster method to drying out bread.

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