Monday, April 19, 2010

Persy Please

When one is in Cape Cod and sees a quaint restaurant that claims to have the largest breakfast and lunch men in all of New England, one seems to believe it. Well, one should not do that, because it is not true. There are a lot of things that are messed up about Cape Cod like the way they say scallop, the Barnstable cops, the traffic, and ...lying restaurants that claim to have the largest breakfast and lunch menu in New England. Now, I can't exactly tell you which restaurant in New England actually has the largest breakfast and lunch menu, but I am pretty sure it is not Persy's Place.
Persy's Place is, as I mentioned before, a quaint looking restaurant I recently dined at in Hyannis, Mass. There are a few other locations scattered around other parts of New England making it a chain. Sadly, the menu proclaims they are not a chain. Umm Persy, you're a chain. What are you so ashamed of? Craftbar, Nobu, Capital Grill, all chains. You are in good company. Persy, you should be more ashamed of your lying claim and sub par food.
So yes, the food was sub par. The menu, while large, really was not that diverse or interesting. Pretty much just standard diner options. Maybe a few unique omelet options but that is about it. I thought there would be fun wraps and salads, but no, just eggs served with Boston Baked Beans. Gross.
The one thing that did stand out on the menu was the corn chowder. It said it was grandmas secret recipe, and not that I ever met "grandma" but I figured I would give the lady a try. Well, maybe grandma should stick to knitting because the corn chowder was just ok. Hale and Hearty and Flavors in my building have much better chowder. I liked that it was served in an actual mug, but the chowder was rather oily and needs lots of salt & pepper.
For my meal I got a spinach and onion omelet which is pretty much my go to omelet. It was kind of greasy and not cooked very well. It was like a pancake with spinach and onions in the middle. The eggs came with home fries that were good and a HUGE piece of cornbread. The cornbread was definitely the best part. I don't think I ever had a bad piece of cornbread though.
The rest of the people I was dining with also did not seem too enthusiastic about their entrees. Maybe because we all were ready to get out of Cape Cod!

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