Sunday, July 25, 2010

boys food

boys food

boys food

boys food

Is making boys food any different than making food for girls, or adults? Since boys have higher energy needs and often are more athletic, it can. Making boys food means finding foods that appeals to boys and can nourish them. Boys need a balanced diet and should avoid junk food, like everyone else. Here's how to please your sons by making great boys food:

1. Make a boys food menu plan for your sons and any young men you are feeding. Make sure to give them a balanced diet, including fats, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

2. Start the day off right with balanced nutrition. Cereal bars and fruit such as bananas and apples make great boys food for guys on the go. Breakfast is important for early morning productivity and concentration.

3. Avoid the fast food trap, which is costly as well as subpar food. Healthy pizzas make great boys food at lunch time, delivering energy and nutrition during an active day. Add extra veggies and cheese for athletes.

4. Make sure dinner is filling, with plenty of protein. Grill beef hamburgers and sausages for dinner and serve with salad and sprouted wheat bread for extra nutrition.

5. Serve milk, a calcium-rich beverage, instead of soda or sugar-laden teas and other drinks. Raw milk is best, especially for active boys.

6. Get feedback from the guys about what they like and don't like. Which meals are filling, and which foods leave them hungry? Use these tips when crafting weekly menus, which can be posted on the fridge.

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