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portugal foods and cuisine (portuguese foods)

Portugal food is not very costly as the population is very poor. Fish is the main part of Portuguese food. Meat, rice and potatoes are also used in large varieties in the Portuguese dishes. Olive oil and wine are blended with most of the dishes.

Breakfast consists of mostly pastries and coffee with any fried vegetable. Um galão is a very famous milky coffee which can also be had for breakfast. Soups are very famous in Portugal. Caldo verde is a very thick vegetable soup served with fried potatoes. Sopa à alentejana is a garlic and bread soup and served with poached Tuna, bacalhau, tuna, crayfish, mullet, crab, clams, barnacles and prawns are widely used in the dishes. Portuguese bacalhau cooked with potatoes onions, hard boiled eggs and olives is just mouth watering. Grilled and barbequed Sardine is also main part of Portugal cuisine.

Portugese don’t like vegetable in their meal so it is a better idea to eat salads made of tomatoes, onions and olive oil. Some parts of Portugal use vegetables in Portugal dishes like omelets, chips and salads. Portuguese like to eat meat and chicken. Meat is generally served with piri piri sauce which is made of chilli and tomato.

Bacalhau, is the national dish of Portugal. This dish of salted cod was eated long back when Portuguese fishing boats reached Newfoundland. "Cozido à portuguesa," is a famous dish made of vegetables and meat. Pork is cooked in various ways. Roasted duckling which is known as “leitão assado” is mostly eaten in the northern part of the country.

portugal foods and cuisine
portugal foods and cuisine
Cuisine of Portugal is characterized by its rich taste, full flavored and filling dishes such as Mediterranean cuisine. A mutual influence between Spanish and Portuguese Cuisine is common. Influence of the former Portugal colonial possession in noted also, it is especially in wide range of some spices used. Spices include black pepper, piri piri and cinnamon as well. Olive oil sine country established is the one of Portuguese bases cuisine for both flavoring and cooking meals. Herbs and garlic is used widely in country, such as parsley and coriander. Traditionally breakfast is just a cup of coffee and bread roll.

portugal foods and cuisineportugal foods and cuisine

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