Saturday, February 13, 2010

Great Food for Enjoy Time

Planning a picnic usually means slapping together some sandwiches or frying up some chicken. But if you use a little imagination, it's easy to put together a picnic basket full of perfect food for a romantic picnic for two.

  • Antipasto: A selection of fine meats and little salads is a wonderful picnic basket food idea to enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. Italian salami, marinated artichokes, bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping, prosciutto, and cornichons all make great finger-foods that make it easy for a lazy afternoon of food grazing. You also have the added bonus of enjoying the intimacy of feeding each other.
  • Cheese - Always a favorite picnic food, a selection of fine cheese can create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic picnic. In addition to your favorites like sharp cheddar and brie, look for some unusual, new varieties like Spanish machengo or cabrales. Instead of Swiss cheese, try Jarlsberg. A great little cheese board and cheese knife make for a great serving platter, too.
  • Wine - What romantic picnic wouldn't include wine? Red wine is certainly popular for romance, but a picnic often includes lighter picnic food ideas that may be better suited to a white wine. A romantic picnic at a warm outdoor location makes white or rose wine a logical choice. Looking for real romance and a way to impress your partner? Try champagne. To avoid possibly breaking your fine wine glasses, can easily find nice looking and very serviceable plastic wine glasses, bringing that special element of elegance to your picnic.
  • Chocolate - Not only delicious, but research is growing that chocolate has actual aphrodisiac qualities. Don't just think of the standards like chocolate-covered cherries or a bar of Ghirardelli. Look for freshly made chocolate-covered strawberries, dark chocolate truffles dusted with high-quality cocoa powder, or even red velvet or Devil's food cake.
  • Fruit - Healthy and delicious, fresh fruit can be a great way to end a romantic picnic. Precut bite-sized portions of pineapple or fresh berries are great for sharing. Try some of the exotic fruits like star fruit, Asian pear or passion fruit that you can taste and experience for the first time together during your picnic.

Be a little unconventional and skip the standard cole slaw and potato salad in your picnic basket. Selecting your food items for a romantic picnic can be almost as much fun as the picnic itself.

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