Monday, January 17, 2011

Special Armenia Food

Armenia Cuisine
The best food is home cooking.
No restaurant can begin to compete
with the lavish attention and extraordinary dishes Armenians
create in their kitchens.

Armenia Food
Fish, the rivers and lake of Armenia are rich in fish which is also present in the menus.

Armenia Food
Armenian cuisine is in many ways similar to the ones of other Caucasian countries. But at the same time is different too. Georgians, for example, use a lot of ingredients to achieve complex variety of tastes. Armenians, on the contrary, most of all value the naturalness of taste. Meat is traditionally not fried and cut in large chunks. It is boiled, stewed or baked.

Armenia Cuisine
Today, that means basturma, the salty, air dried, cured beef.

Armenia Cuisine
Lahmajun is Armenian food at the Armenian festival. Lahmajun, also known as “Armenian Pizza,” is a thin flatbread that is traditionally topped with ground lamb or beef that has been cooked with tomatoes.

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